How Did The Lumiemier Brothers Contribute To The Modern World

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The film industry is a major part of modern society. The lives of people revolve around celebrities, movies, and television, but what can the most important part of modern society be credited to? Opinions may vary but the Lumièr brothers and their contributions to the film scene led to the explosion of the success of film and cinema around the world and changed the modern world in almost every aspect. The Lumièr Brothers are most known for their roles as French inventors and businessmen. In 1895 they debuted their invention of the Cinématographe at the Grand Café in Paris, France. The Cinématographe was a device that was able to record, copy, and project film all at once. Their father, Antoine Lumièr, was the main genius behind the actual invention of the products, but the brothers were the ones who tested the product and sent it out into the world. The Lumièr’s certainly did not invent the first camera of this type. The first form of camera was invented by Thomas Edison in 1892. His product, the…show more content…
Using prior business knowledge, the brothers set up an extremely successful business by setting up agencies in countries all around the world. These men were fantastic businessmen and knew how to tell when a product was going to succeed or not. The film industry is a large part of modern society. It is almost impossible to go a single day without seeing something recorded on a video camera being broadcasted on either a cellphone, television, or screen. According to the Motion Picture Association of America, an American company that gives representation to the six major Hollywood studios in trade, the film industry generates almost 1.9 million jobs for Americans and pays 47 billion dollars in wages (Fried). Not to mention the personal effect it has had on humans. What with the amount of time spent watching movies and television has increased over the
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