How Did The Mafia Affect America

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The Mafia Imagine a world filled with big men with strong accents, walking around in suits with big cigars in their mouths. These men were loyal to their families but were dangerous if ever crossed. Does one thing wrong and you might as well dig your grave. These men thrived on the terrible economic trouble America was going through. These men are a big part of history and still have an effect on us today. These terrible intimidating men were a part of the mafia. The mafia, caused by dark times in America and corrupt police force, was a very influential group to America and lead to many deaths and a hurt America.
The Mafia was a group of “families” that ran most of the big cities in the 1920’s. These men came from Italy and migrated over to America. It all began in Italy, there was a shortage of police and the people of Italy did not feel safe. According to The Impact “Noblemen and elites began hiring small units of men to maintain order and settle disputes. In return, they demanded “tribute” for their protection from the common people” (Rucker). The men they began hiring became
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The amount of people in the government and police force that were being bribed by the mafia was hard to wrap the mind around. The men who did terrible things only got off with little punishments. They also destroyed lots of cities and cost America lots of money (Rucker). They left America financially hurting by all the damages they caused. The mafia scared lots and lots people but certain men from the group like Al Capone were publicized by the media. According to Al Capone, a biography on the gang leader himself, “The media made him out to be a “superstar” of the underworld” (Luciano). They took a man who did terrible things and made him look like he wasn’t the cold blooded killer he was. Some people even credit him with being the cause why law enforcement went corrupt (Luciano). The damage caused left America with some work to
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