How Did The Magna Carta Influence American Government

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Without the Magna Carta, life and government would be completely different than how it is today. The importances of the Magna Carta are commonly overlooked, but the Magna Carta is what created the concepts of Democracy, the Parliament, Consent of the Governed, etc. These principles are the basics that made American government and even the World’s take on government excel and change drastically. All of these key points are what make the Magna Carta the most important influence on American Government and values because of its influence and effect on basic American values. Though the Magna Carta was signed in June 19,1215, its crucial principles on the concepts and backstory is what makes it an important document that affects our government today. The people of England were faced with extremely high taxes as a result of many…show more content…
The Magna Carta expresses many ideas that are essential to the success of the US government and Fahrenheit 451 shows how life might be without these crucial political beliefs. In the book, Guy Montag faces many problems and barriers in life with an authoritarian government. The story is about burning books because of the fear of exposing people to true information about history. The Magna Carta goes on about basic human rights and what a government should provide, but the government system in Fahrenheit 451 lacks a majority of them, one being limited government. An authoritarian regime has one leader/group that is in control of all public and private aspects of life, which is the complete opposite to what the barons believed when writing the Magna Carta. The barons wanted a government that could provide for the people and not overpower them, but in the authoritarian government shown in Fahrenheit 451, the government has the right to invade people’s natural rights and take away freedom and
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