How Did The Mexican-American War To Prohibit Slavery In The United States

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Name: __________________________ Quiz 1 Date: ___________________________ Match the letter of correct vocabulary word with the corresponding definition. Each vocabulary word will only be used once. A) Missouri compromise B) Compromise of 1850 C) Kansas – Nebraska Act D) Uncle Tom’s Cabin E) Bleeding Kansas F) Dred Scott vs. Sanford G) Harper’s Ferry H) Wilmot Proviso I) Popular sovereignty J) Republican Party K) Panic of 1857 L) Lincoln-Douglas Debates M) Fugitive Slave Law N) Election of 1852 O) Impending Crisis of the South ___ bill proposed during the Mexican-American War to prohibit slavery in new territories ___ written by Hinton R. Helper and argued that slavery was bad for the Southern economy ___ in 1820, one state was admitted as a slave state while other was a slavery- free state; prohibited slavery in the Louisiana Territory about the 36 30’ line …show more content…

__ states decide on the issue of slavery ___ California admitted as a free state; slave trade abolished in Washington, D.C.; Utah and New Mexico were created ___ repealed the Missouri Compromise and gave the new states on Nebraska and Kansas the right to use popular sovereignty ___ unsuccessfully John Brown tried to create a slave revolt in Virginia ___ a series of debates over issues such as slavery and new territories in 1858 ___ new political party formed as a result of the Kansas-Nebraska Act and an opposition to slavery ___ antislavery and proslavery supporters who tried to established homes in this new state and used violence to try and gain control ___ required that Northern states follow run that captured runaway slaves be returned their

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