Essay On Middle Class

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The growing population of the middle class during the Industrial Revolution had a growing influence over the country’s global reputation and economy. Not only did the middle class increase the revenue of the country, but also the revenue of themselves as a class. With more money as a class, this broad group of people were able to influence the economic, social, and political atmosphere of the time. The middle class bought many goods causing business to flood into urban areas. They also put some of their money into savings accounts which greatly increased how the banks could keep money flowing throughout the British economy. The left over money was given to charities making some elite middle class members have a strong grip on social improvement…show more content…
This was due to their growing population, capital, and political involvement. Because of this, the influence of the middle class spread through the economic, social, and political aspects of England, but all of this would not have occurred without the Industrial Revolution. As more new products were developed, there was a growing demand for educated workers. Thus, capitalists and others benefitting from the work of the middle class supported educational reforms. As better education became more accessible for the working and middle class, the working class moved into the middle class and the middle class rarely regressed into lower class. As the population of the middle class grew, so did their average income, with this they were able to vote, buy products, and put money into savings accounts which kept money in the British economy. With more middle class representation in government, more acts were passed that called for governmental reforms in favor of the middle class. The growing population influenced the economy, the growing income influenced society, policies, and economy of England, and political growth influenced living conditions and further development of political reforms. All of this change started from the growth of the middle class due to the Industrial
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