How Did The Ming Dynasty Affect The Ming Dynasty

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From the book China: Tradition and Transformation, edited by John K. Fairbanks and Edwin O. Reischaurer, the editor 's perspective on how the Ming Foreign Relationship helped the Chinese discover where the Ming dynasty stood in the world and how these expeditions affected the Ming dynasty financially. To my understanding, the establishment of the tribute system, the Ming maritime expeditions and the Ming anti-commercialism affected the Chinese budget and how the editors perceived, where the Ming dynasty stood. The tribute system was a system established by Hung-Wu, during the Ming era. The main purpose of the tribute system was to re-establish it foreign relationship with neighboring countries and for the rulers of each country to build an…show more content…
Ming China saw themselves as one of the richest and powerful country in the world. They wanted to demonstrate that through the Ming maritime expeditions. Hopefully in return, establish relationships with other countries who would like to trade with the Chinese. These expeditions were too costly and were not producing enough revenues to sustain itself. Also, with the Mongols being are constant a threat to the Ming, they made sure the Mongolians were not gathering up by the boarders again. Ming China made sure of this by any means necessary, even if they had to pay tribute to the Mongolian tribes, so the tribes can leave. Japanese pirates did not help matters, they raided Chinese trade boats and stealing their goods and money. With tribute system falling apart and maritime expedition being too costly, Ming China had to fall into anti-commercialism and revert back to traditional ways. Standing by as the rest of the world was commercializing, that is when China realized they were not the richest or most powerful in the world. I guess the Japanese pirate was right, “Heaven and Earth are vast, they are not monopolized by one ruler.“ (Fairbank,

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