How Did The Modern Revolution Impact The World

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The modern revolution has made a negative impact on the world. Although it brought around new ideas and creations, they still did not help everyone as a whole. Many people are still poor,uneducated and ill. According to text 3, over 1.28 billion people still have zero literacy skills. This number increased since 1850. Also, 88 women reported to be less literate compared to the 100 men that are. In 2002, about 100 million children were not enrolled in school. Out of all the children, 55% were female. The areas with the most illiterate people are South,Southwest, and East Asia, and the Pacific. When looking at the numbers in the United States, about 32 million adults cannot read. It seems as if most of the inventions were for the U.S. . A vaccine chart shows the impact on only the U.S. . There are still many countries that have little or no effective vaccine. Also, over 15 million children who die from diseases that could’ve been prevented. Looking even deeper, 1 in 5 African children…show more content…
The carbon dioxide levels have risen over the last 10,000 years. CO2 is thought to be the greenhouse gas that causes climate change and global warming. It possibly went up due to the increase in the population. Since we breathe in oxygen and exhale CO2. Everything is putting CO2 back into the environment but, at high rates. The graph in text 8 shows the CO2 level shoot up once it reaches 1000-2000. The rate also goes up unsteadily. The modern revolution has caused good and bad changes to life. Due to human nature and our interference with the earth, it has caused damage to our lives. Most of the things we have created could be used to help those in need but we instead keep them for ourselves. There are innocent people dying from war and illnesses that could be prevented. We seem to only help a small section of people instead of everyone as one. Most of the time and money we waste can go to other countries and help

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