How Did The Mongols Meet The Barbarians

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I would describe them as survivalist their whole mission was to livel. They came from poverty and lived a frugal life. The main reason they invaded Asia ,and Europe was for resources. Since they were outnumbered and out sourced many rivals did not take their idle threat serious.This misconception was a wrong move on the opposition army. The Mongols had skilled invaders that out powers the rivals and cost many people their lives.The Mongols were given a bad reputation by a lot of historians but war is never nice and casualties come from it. When the Mongols made their move they had to show aggression to overthrow their enemy. I think war brings the worst out in everyone it affects your country,family,culture,religion,and your mental sanity. The Mongols did what needed to be done for the bigger picture.…show more content…
They have many accounts of the Mongols showing respect to different cultures and beliefs. They came in and rebuilt the countries they invaded by bringing new technology that would benefit the conquered land. According to some the Mongols were the best invaders to run their countries. Once the war was over the Mongols were good and fair to the foreigners. If the were so barbaric they would have pulled all the resource out and let the country and the people perish. I believe fear and order played a role in the Mongols actions to conquer their
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