Role Of Fate In Frankenstein

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In the book Frankenstein, Victor messed up and his fate was decided when he chose to abandon his creation instead of raising it like it was his own child, even if the monster was around 8 feet tall and had super human strength and speed. What could he have done differently? He could have properly learned to be a father as the monster learns about the real world. Victor could have been his guide in life and education. Victor rejected the monster for his appearance, “Oh! no mortal could support the horror of that countenance”(Chapter 5 paragraph 4) and if Victor accepted the way the monster looked his fate could have been changed and he could have lived a happy life with Elizabeth instead of watching her die to the monster. So many…show more content…
Victor could teach the monster about humans, animals, nature, space, and many other things that would help him survive. How could victor help the monster fit in with society? This part of the paper is asking and answering many things in society. Victor could teach the monster how to act properly around people and teach the creature proper manners like being a gentleman, how to get respect from people, how to treat people who are kind to him, and how to treat people who are mean towards him. If the creature is able to act correctly towards people, the creature can gain their respect and could obtain friends on his way through life, because with the way the creature looks, he would have an amazing personality. The creature would also need to be taught not only how to act around people, but also how to interact with people, how to ask people for directions, how much something costs, what is good to get at a restaurant, or how to get friends. He would need to learn about proper ways to speak including tone, how loud he talks, and proper grammar.
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