How Did The Nazi Party's Rise To Power

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The Nazi Party was one of the most prominent political parties of the last century. This party was often credited with the start of WW1 and has many of its roots in anti-semitism and fanatic nationalism. The story of what the party did while in power is well known all over the world as their actions affected millions of people but how did they get to power? What was a big component in keeping them there? Through research it has been obvious that German newspapers contributed to the rise and strength of the Nazi Party through different approaches at inspiring nationalistic and anti-sematic views. The types of newspapers that contributed to the Nazi party’s rise were the large amount of Nationalist papers and The Nazi Parties mascot newspaper. Party affiliated Newspapers often could influence public voting and the German way of thinking. Later, in Hitlers reign the elimination of these papers would possibly be the greatest help in keeping Hitler in power because the flow of outer knowledge had been denied to the German People. The people had no choice but to believe the lies of the Nazi Party. By the time that Hitler took power in…show more content…
The kinds of newspapers that helped sway German citizens were politically affiliated papers and the Nazi Party rag. These types of papers helped the Nazi rise to power in many ways, such as allowing for a flow of propaganda and letting the world know what the Nazi opinion was. The newspapers also allowed for notoriety and power to be synonymous with the Nazi name. If Newspapers did this much for the Nazi Party, one must wonder what the party would have done without their newspapers? Would the rise to power be achieved much quicker? Would it have been achieved at all? While a fascinating question, the world will never know what truly would have
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