How Did The Nazis Dehumanize Jews

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The Nazis were known for doing many things to Jews and others and they had their reasons. Their was many purposes for the things they did. The Nazis tried to defy the laws of human nature. They experiment on the Jews. They also tortured Jews just for the enjoyment. But they also tortured them trying to dehumanize the Jews making them feel useless. In “Night” by Elie Wiesel, there was many examples of the Nazis dehumanized the Jews. When the Jews were leaving the Ghettos they were heading to the synagogue where they heading to the camps. Before they headed to the camps, the Nazis took over everything the Jews had. The even destroyed building that Jews associated such as stores owned by Jews and Synagogues. Elie Wiesel described the Synagogue…show more content…
During the camps the jews had to do many things before actually doing. Such as shaving their heads wearing the same uniforms and getting disinfected. When getting disinfected there was “a barrel of foul-smelling liquid by the door. Disinfection. Everybody soaked in.” Getting them disinfected makes them dirty and nasty like animals. This mentality makes them feel like animals. During their time in the ghettos. The Nazis reinforced many rules that had to jews. The rules could have been used to make Jews feel the same or feel enclosed in a prison. One rule the Nazis have created was that “Jews had to wear the yellow star.” Giving everyone the star made them feel the same destroying their identity. Not only did they feel the same but they also felt like they don't belong that the less and than others since they had to wear something to identify themselves but not everyone else.. The Nazis attempted to dehumanize the Jews in many ways it worked. The destroyed everything they had; even destroying their faith. The Nazis treated them like dogs, and referred to them as dogs. Nazis tried to take away their identity by giving them a yellow star to wear. Disinfecting them making them feel
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