How Did The Neolithic Revolution Affect Humanity

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Dr. Jared Diamond feels that Neolithic Revolution was the worst mistake in the history of humanity. Diamond believes that the start of agriculture caused a number of negative impacts on humanity, and life would be better off without it. "With agriculture came the gross social and sexual inequality, the disease and despotism, that curse our existence." (Diamond). Would humanity be better off if farming and domestication of animals didn't exist? How would society look today if we stayed nomadic as hunter-gatherers? The adoption of agriculture had beneficial impacts on humanity because it, helped keep a steady food supply, improved technology and sciences, and created social classes/roles. Without the use of agriculture, life would have gone no where and humans would still be roaming the Earth as unintelligent, nomadic, hunter-gatherers.

The adoption of agriculture allowed food sources to be watched and controlled. Farming and domestication of animals confirmed that there will always be a steady food supply therefore, no one in the family will
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Farming and domestication of animals led humans to developing more and more advanced technology as the years went by. A problem discussed by Diamond was that people would get diseases from the domestication of animals. Diamond argues that if we never domesticated them in the first place, we would have never gotten those diseases. However, diseases could have still been spread even from non domesticated animals, and it led humans to find a cure for them, which is an example of advanced technology and sciences. Other examples of advanced technology that came from farming were new tools that helped the farmers. Some of the tools such as the wheel and the plow, the oven, and pottery were invented in the Neolithic Era and are still used today. This concludes how advanced technology was a positive effect on
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