How Did The Neolithic Revolution Change The World

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Most of what we have in the world today all originated from the Neolithic Revolution. The revolution has indefinitely changed the way things played out over time till today in the 20th Century and still. To start with, one thing that happened because of the revolution was we successfully transferred from a food gathering to a food producing society. Also, foraging and hunting led to domesticating animals and farming. The revolution caused the world to change drastically over time before, during, and after the Neolithic Revolution.

Since the beginning of life until about 10000 BCE, people were called nomads. This was during what was called the Paleolithic Period. The nomads lived in clans of about 20-30 others, which were usually their extended family members. They also never stayed in one area for more than just a few months. Most of their
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It caused many people to stay with the strategies already known. Many things happened to the nomads that made their lives harder than it already was. When they ran out of food, the nomads had no choice but to go to war with the other villages. Once they started to grow their own crops, they had a steady food supply, which allowed them to have enough to live and grow their small villages into large communities. As time went by during the revolution, it got a lot easier for the nomads as communities. They began to find more materials that could be used to make better quality items such as clothing. This included flax and cotton, which they also started to grow during this period of time. New technologies also came about during the revolution. Metal tools and new weapons were created by the nomads to use for farming and fighting against the other villages. Also, plows were made for farming which made it so much easier for the nomads to get soil ready for planting
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