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In the year 1929, it was a dark time for America, it was the start of the Great Depression. During the start of the depression, Herbert Hoover did nothing but think it would solve itself. So when Franklin D Roosevelt became president in 1932, there were many problems hitting his desk. One problem is that 25% of Americans were unemployed, this caused people to not earn money causing 80% of American families to not have savings. From families having no money to support their families, over 200,000 children wandered the country and 2 million men became hobos. Another problem was the bank crisis that occurred in 1933, 600 banks were closed causing 28 states to have no banks. The New Deal was successful because it created jobs for millions of Americans …show more content…

This 25% was affected badly, seeing they didn’t get any income. Not getting any money meant that the family had no savings to pay for their house or food. Having no savings for their house, caused people to get kicked out of their homes and some family members to become hobos. What FDR did to solve this was he created the Civilian Conservation Corporation. The CCC created jobs for millions of unemployed men by planting trees, building dams, bridges and prevent forest fires and floods.(Source E) These jobs provided the unemployed men with 3 meals a day, and paid them $1 a day.(Source E and F) Another way FDR solved unemployment was by creating the Works Progress Administration. This administration built 120,000 buildings and ½ million miles of roads.(Source G) These buildings created 8 million jobs, so they could put the unemployed to work.(Source G) They made clothes, built schools, hospitals, parks, playgrounds, and airplanes which created new jobs for the unemployed.(Source F) The newly built places created jobs for artists, photographers, actors, writers and composers.(Source F) These programs solved unemployment, which also resolved the issue about people not having money to support their families. Getting money to support their families allowed them to have a house and supply food for them. If the person doesn’t need all the money they could send some to family members that are

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