How Did The New Deal Establish The Great Depression?

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It was the month of October when an overwhelming stock market crash occurred sending the United States into the Great Depression. Unemployment was becoming commonplace all across America, and by 1933 thirteen to fifteen million people became jobless. At this time, the lines of the food kitchens became longer and longer and Americans were unable to find jobs. When Election Day came around Franklin Roosevelt won by a landslide and became the president of the United States. Mr. Roosevelt at once set out to make programs that would decrease the amount of unemployed people in America by establishing the New Deal. Although the recovery would not be immediately, America would slowly recuperate from the Great Depression. Meanwhile, a young kindergartener named Panagiotis Coukoulis, my Grandpa, was living in a big city, Saint Louis Missouri during the Great Depression. Pan was born in 1925 and his family was from a small island in Greece called Kythera. Throughout these years he experienced the Great Depression, Greek and Italian war along with …show more content…

At the time, Pan’s brothers and him sold liberty magazines around the subsection and he helped housewives with their brown bags from the grocery markets to their homes in return for money. Pan’s father was barely earning enough money for his family by selling produce in neighborhoods transported by a wagon, and previously his dad had owned a candy shop. At the time, my Grandpa’s Catholic relatives were giving them canned foods through a welfare service. Although Pan’s family was poor, he felt that it wasn’t too bad. The first four years of his life, even though he was born in America he spoke only Greek. When he was four to six years old he moved to a residential area where he went to an American kindergarten and learned English. When he moved back to Greece at age six nobody spoke English, so he had to learn Greek all over

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