How Did The New Deal Improve The Economy

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The Great Depression in 1929, brought a significant unemployment and financial fall to the America’s economy. President Franklin Roosevelt’s administration focused on the recovery and the transformation of the nation’s economy. In other to improve the economy, his administration introduced numerous programs to help in the recovery. The President created the New Deal relief program to attack the crisis. However, World War II was a war between the superpowers, a military crisis that also defined the American history. World War II happened to end the Great Depression. Minority groups were part of unemployed during the Great Depression, New Deal revived the economy, World War II opened the door to economy expansion, but discrimination prevents the minority from having equal rights.…show more content…
The African Americans with the New Deal and the support of Roosevelt still suffered racial discrimination. Case in point, the New Deal Civilian Conservation Corp, and National Rifle Association codes did not benefit black workers because of discrimination ( Henretta 714). The Farmers Agriculture Act did not benefit poor Sharecroppers in the south because landowners and officials were whites. For example, white’s landowners collected subsidy payment, therefore, refused sharing the payments to the black sharecroppers. Black people were appointed to federal offices as advisers during the depression, for example, Bethune Mary McLeod. According to Henretta, the blacks benefited from the New Deal relief (713). African Americans in millions enlisted in the military but segregated in a different camp. In the defense department blacks acquired odd jobs compared to the
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