How Did The New Deal Influence American Freedom

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During the misfortune month of October of 1929, the United States experienced one of the most horrifying depressions of them all. Starting with The Wall Street Crash of 1929, America commenced feeling the terrifying symptom of the Great Depression that would last for several exhausted years. Surrounded by millions of unemployed citizens starving to death, the government changed the philosophy of how the government should help their people to prosper. Later on, the dedicated 32nd president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, would take the position on 1933 and would present his astute program, the New Deal. Roosevelt explained his plan with detail as the Three Rs, for which they stand as Relief, Reform, and Recovery. Nevertheless, the New Deal had…show more content…
Roosevelt took his power to control the way of life of the Americans. So, many concerned Americans discern these actions as a problem to their right to be free. In fact, the New Deal actions were affecting and taking the American freedom. Roosevelt practiced his power to manipulate the economy and to command people, assimilating himself as the highest authority. Therefore, people started to see Roosevelt’s campaign as the communist party, by trying to control the system. As a demonstration, Hoover explains that “Freedom does not die from frontal attack, It dies because men in power no longer believe in the system based upon liberty…” to explain how the New Deal was manipulating the country, leaving the citizens with no other option but to follow the rules. Indeed, what Roosevelt was trying to do was to create monopolies and to fix prices with his program to control the economy. Demonstrating how freedom was not a high priority presented in the New Deal. In conclusion, Roosevelt took an excessive amount of authority while on his presidency to eliminate the depression. As a result, he created the New Deal to find a possible solution to the misery. But, the program was not the most ethical solution because it affected the system and the liberty of the Americans. Therefore, other solutions were expected to distribute the power equally and
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