How Did The New Deal Strengthen Or Weaken The Usa Capitalism

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During the “Roaring 20s”, everything seemed to just keep getting better and better-stocks kept rising, people could buy more things with installment buying-but little did they know, the Great Depression would soon be upon them. In 1929, the stock market crashed which caused millions of people to go in debt. Before anyone knew it, banks were closing, people were losing their jobs and men and teens were forced to roam the country in search for work. People began to turn against the current president, President Herbert Hoover, and to a new person, Franklin D. Roosevelt. Roosevelt came up with a plan to help aid America called the New Deal. This plan was successful because of the way it gave millions of unemployed people jobs and created Social Security.…show more content…
One in four people were left jobless and had lost everything, such as their homes, clothes and even children (entry 7).The New Deal by Franklin D. Roosevelt created two things to help with this disaster. One of the things that was in his plan was The Civilian Conservation Corp. which gave men between the ages of 18 to 25 outside jobs such as building dams and bridges, planting trees and preventing fires or floods (e and f). Now young men were earning money to become a consumer. This also improved environmental conditions to help with the Dust Bowl that was also taking place at this time. Another thing that had created jobs was The Works Progress Administration. This paid people to help build schools, hospitals post offices and also inspired actors, writers and artists to produce more of their work (e). Now, with the New Deal in place, the unemployment rate decreased. Consumers had money to go buy things, while producers were getting enough money from buyers to hire more people and make more goods., thus boosting up the economy out of its
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