How Did The New France Colonize The North American Continent

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From 1600-1763, several nations vied for control of the North American continent. These nations included Britain, France, and Spain. The Spanish came to the North American continent because they wanted riches and to convert the Native Americans to Christianity. The French came to the continent to have new trading allies. They aligned themselves with the Native Americans to trade furs. England came to North America to expand their country; many factors played into this decision. Each nation had their own individual reasons for colonizing the North American continent. When the Spanish decided to come to North America, they were looking to convert the Native Americans to Christianity and to find gold. By the 1600s, Spain had already established…show more content…
As they arrived in the New World, they made alliances with the Native Americans they encountered. Using the alliances they formed with the Native Americans, they establish multiple trading post in modern day places such as New Orleans, Quebec, and Baton Rouge. Not many settlers came to New France, so they developed a vast enterprise in fur trade, such as mink, otter, and beaver furs. In 1608, the fur trading post in Quebec was founded by Samuel de Champlain. In 1673, Frenchman Jacques Marquette was searching for furs when he reached the Mississippi River in Wisconsin and floated south to Arkansas; this expanded the French’s trading territory. In 1681, Robert de La Salle traveled further down the Mississippi River while trading. He arrived at the Gulf of Mexico and named this region Louisiana. By 1718, French merchants had founded the New Orleans port. As these ports were founded and merchants came with them, they brought diseases that killed many of the Native Americans. The combination of these new diseases and bartering guns for furs caused many deadly
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