How Did The Nile Influence Ancient Egypt

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Could the longest river in the world also change how an entire society worked? How the Nile shaped Ancient Egypt in multiple different ways. The Nile changed the way Egypt worked in mainly their settlement distribution, the economy, and their religion. This is how the Nile changed the way Ancient Egypt ran. 3 The Nile had an effect on the settlement and population of Ancient Egypt. The Nile forced the people of Ancient Egypt to only settle beside the river (Document A). People of Ancient Egypt had to live beside the river because they were surrounded by deserts and mountains that wouldn't allow them to survive through the conditions of the heat and the little water sources (Document A). The most popular place to settle for the tribes of Egypt was at the delta of the river because it provided the most protection and water, the protection of the Mediterranean Sea, deserts, and the mountains/harsh terrain (Document A). Ancient Egypt was definitely influenced on where they settled because of the Nile. 5…show more content…
The Nile was the base of the Egyptians seasons because of the Nile’s flood season, the seasons were Akhet the flood season mid-June to mid-October, Peret the planting and growing season mid-October to mid-February, and Shemu the harvest season mid-February to mid-June (Document B). 95% of the people's jobs had to do with farming which became a common job because of the Nile (Document B and C). If the Nile didn’t exist their crops wouldn’t have grown as well or at all because the Nile brings sun and water to the crops during Akhet to let them grow (Document B/Information I already knew). The Nile changed so much of the economy that the Nile was almost like the governor of Ancient Egypt if they had one.
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