How Did The Nuremberg Laws Affect The Horror Of The Holocaust?

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The Holocaust was a period of time where around six million Jews were killed. When rising to power, Hitler 's main focus was to blame the Jews for the variety of problems Germany was facing at the time. The German people would accept the anti semitic claims and would start to create a deadly reaction against the European Jewish community. The Nazis believed that Jews were the problem, and it needed to be solved by removing them. The mass killings of the Holocaust were what Hitler called "The Final Solution". The Jewish community had a mixed reaction at first when many of them saying “it can not get worse”, however despite the numerous warnings many Jews simply were not willing to leave their home and start a new life. The Holocaust is one of the world 's greatest tragedies that was made possible by the Nuremberg laws,…show more content…
The Nuremberg laws were hundreds of laws that were past by Nazis that restricted the freedom of Jews living in Germany. Its main purpose was for Jews to emigrate from Germany to another country. Jews had to register their names and say that they were Jewish . Some early movie scenes showed Jews being harassed by Nazi officials and were forced to wait in long lines to get their name registered (Movie). The jews were not pleased with what was being done and nearly half the Jews would start to leave the country. But some ultimately decided “It can not get worse”. They would begin to create an organizations that would protect the everyday life of Jewish people and its main goals were to provide education, vocational training and strengthening of the Jewish base. Jewish people also had to deal with how they appeared physically in public. The reading says that “In addition all Jews had to wear a yellow star of David on their clothing so they could be easily identified” (Reading). This is introducing them to separations from the “pure” Aryan race to the “weak” Jewish race. People wearing the star would be banned from participating in German culture
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