How Did The Odyssey Influence Greek Culture

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Writing has always been a big part of History due that it can teach people, document events, and even tell a story; one of the earliest examples of this occurring is Homer's Epics (The Odyssey and The Iliad) which definitely had a greater effect than most would notice. In fact, Homer's Epics were awe-inspiring and profoundly influential at the time of their creation and were highly influential in Greek culture. Additionally, his writings/message spread and helped influence western culture. Lastly, his writings had a massive impact on future writing and literary styles. This is all due to his amazing use of story elements, theme/moral, and figurative language intertwined throughout his writing To begin, Homer's Epics influenced Ancient Greece in a profound way. Greece was in a steady period of decline before Homer wrote his poems; the number of literate people was waning, and shortly after the creation of his Epics, Greece was flourishing yet again. This was because influenced education. This is partially because he helped create/spread certain ideas about Greece's past, and introduced the peer review system to boost Greece education at the time. Also, according to Plato himself, without Homer Greek education would be almost non-existent. Overall, Homer changed Greece's education, but he also changed how Greek citizens live their lives. He did this by illustrating certain traits within the heroes of the story; causing people to follow their footsteps. For instance, he represented Odysseus as a…show more content…
He ended up influencing Greece's culture and people. He influenced western culture with historical writings. Additionally, he caused a more prevalent use of medicine, and he influenced writing today. He did this through phenomenal work and his use of literary devices and story elements. In the end, without Homer, who knows what would happen to the
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