How Did The Olympic Games Influence Ancient Greek Culture

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"Running, long jump, shot put, javelin, discus, and equestrian competitions" are some of the many Olympic sports played many centuries ago. While these sports were made for entertainment purposes, they were also helpful for ancient civilizations.The Games had a religious and political significance and helped Greek historians and writers to keep track of time. These games were very important to history and to this very day The Olympics were held in honor of the Greek gods. They revolved around their myths and beliefs. According to the article "Preparation and Training for the Original Olympic Games" by Hailey White, " the original Olympic Games were in honor of Zeus, the Greek God of Thunder" and on " the first day out of the five was set for the opening ceremony and sacrifices to the gods" The competitors were required to take an oath in front of the statue of Zeus promising that they had trained for ten months prior. Greek gods were very honored and respected in Greece and were mentioned in many events.…show more content…
As stated in the text, the Games helped "federate the Greek Empire." The Games attracted many tourists, especially when it was held in its hometown. The more tourists there is, the more money the government makes and the more powerful they get. The Greeks made a truce " allowing competitors to make their way in relative safety from their hometowns to the site of the Games." The Spartans broke the truce and had to pay a heavy fine, which means more money for the Greeks, but refused and as a consequence, they were "forbidden to participate in the Games for several
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