How Did The Panama Canal Affect The Economy

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The panama canal was thought of and was created it in 1914 for ships to surpass time rather than going through treacherous waters around the southern tip of central america and also the canal made it easier for shipping stuff.If it wasn 't for the canal the lots of Goods and supplies would be lost or damaged lots of ships were damaged or just didn’t make it to wherever their destination was to trade things in the markets.The canal really benefited traveling east to west. The canal boosted industrial in the united States it helped california with building things way sooner in the united states which really helped our economy.

United states weren 't just concerned about their own economy they cared about the panamanians economy they Signed
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Panama canal will Help the economy with 2 Billion dollars annually with how all the Cargos boats and various People in boats for traveling for marketing and industrial material.Various methods the CPA saves materials for the Canal is to save most of the water the canal actually uses so they Conserve about 60% of water for the waters to rise and ships being able to have a clearing from the bottom of the canal to the boat itself and the amount of things is conserved is money that the united states is saving overtime.

one problem when the US was making the canal was that when you have to take a big piece of land to make something you have to take out a lot of trees for such a big industrial idea.One thing the Us does is give some profit to Panama’s General Treasury each year which is about 800million dollars and with that it means that americans are making bank and with America give panama profit it gives that peacfullness like what panama asked for in the treaty so its a accommodation for both countrys in the
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