How Did The Peloponnesian War Change Athenian Government

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The government in ancient Athens was governed by a radical democratic system from 508-322 B.C. and was very different in its size and how the system allowed all males to participate in the government. The Peloponnesian War effected their government when the oligarchy party overthrew the democracy and replaced it with the modern regime of the Five Thousand. Athenians spent almost 100 year fighting to restore democracy and defeat the Spartans and their allies the Persians. Their style of government goes back even before the Peloponnesian War around the time of 620 B.C.

Before the Peloponnesian War, there was a man by the name of Draco. Draco gave the people of Athens a law code of which citizens had to listen to. He gave political rights to the rich and the lower class farmers would be stuck with debts that they owed to the wealthy. The Athenians needed a way to solve the problem, so they called open aristocrat by the name of Solon. Solon got rid of the debts and divided the citizens into economic
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when the Macedonian army defeated Thebes and Athens and took over. They wanted to take control, but they were defeated by the Macedonians and under their rule. Their government had still been functioning, but under Macedonian rule. The government should be restored because they were successful until the point of the war and even after being attacked by all the opposing city states. The effects were that all citizens had a say in government decisions for war and other choices they had to make. It wasn't just the leader who made all choices, but it was a radical democracy and all people had a say in choices. The long term effects were that it would take longer to make decisions because everyone in the society would have to voice a opinion due to the style of the government. The short term effects were that people were happier knowing they could speak and that smaller choices were easier to
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