How Did The Protestant Reformation Affect Europe

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Protestant reformation had a big impact on the Europeans. Protestant reformation was the break down of authority power of the catholic church.Black death also had a big thing to do with the impact. protestant reformation was the start of warfare between European, protestants, and catholics. Once the protestant reformation started and warfare had been happening. The declines of popes had began to start. Monarchs (a king/queen who rules over the kingdom) had increased their power by making huge armies. Making the huge armies you need money so how did they get it? Monarchs decided to raise taxes by raise the taxes they would have enough to make a army. Absolute monarch (king/queen thinks all the power rest in their hands) played a big rule in the whole army thing because they thought i have already raised taxes so i can do anything and it will happen without a doubt.people that were in the monarchy believed in divine rights…show more content…
Now that we know about their absolute power and divine right theory. monarchs had decided to put them together so together it became a absolute divine monarch.Some of the factors that led to absolutism in europe were. Absolute power, and divine rights.Protestant increased the power by raising taxes and becoming a huge
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