How Did The Protestant Reformation Affect Western Civilization

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When the Protestant Reformation occurred, it had a large effect on western civilization. The Protestant Reformation was the 16th century when Martin Luther wanted to increase life and develop the right way within the churches. The Protestant Reformation changed life for people for Europe by the changes with religion, gender, and class. In Europe, there was a lot of religions fighting for the chances of succeeding and having all the power. In most cases, the Catholic Church was indeed incharge. Lutheranism wanted to be the new ones in charge since they believed the Catholics were wrong in their teachings. But, they refused to let go of their powers and dominance of all the citizens in the community. This caused the divisions with European Christians and Lutheranism and Calvinism/Anglicanism. Luther thought the Catholic Church and their popes were out of hand and should not control the people as much as they did. The Church created indulgences for the people involved with the church can use when they sin. Instead of doing penance they would take indulgences and give money to the church instead of praying. The popes and the church does not have the decisions between on who goes to purgatory or not. Gender roles of Europe changed because of the Protestant Reformation. Women had it …show more content…

The middle class was arising and was becoming larger. Which meant they were able to challenge the authority of the church due to them being the majority. Even though the middle classes were big in size, the higher classes included the nobles, commoners and the clergy (popes, monks, bishops and priests). Since most of the classes were getting more attention and more benefits, the peasants were not quite happy. They were not at all, they became resentful and revolted towards everyone else. The clergy was starting to get more of a chance of education and the peasants were not. The class difference was destroying everyone as a

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