How Did The Psycho-Japanese War Affect Russia

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The Russo-Japanese War was the highlight of a turn in the balance of power within the different regions of the world; however, it had an unexpected effect towards other Asian countries.

Russia was defeated simply by one main reason; they underestimated the power of the Japanese military. This was caused by the perception that Asian countries are weak, which the Russians adapted. This defeat caused Russia to be humiliated. Not only did this war disparage their image to the external world, but it also created discontent within Russia itself. People were extremely unhappy with the Tsar because during the war, the people of Russia were supposedly “responsible” to help and produce military products and the pressure that was involved in that process was excessive. Furthermore, the condition of the Russian economy was not doing well before the war, thus the fact that the Tsar increased Russia’s military spending up to 50% worsened the economy.

After the war, in terms of its military, Japan was seen as the strongest nation in Asia. They had built their military to become a modern one that can compete with the West . This war did not only affect Russia and Japan; it also affected other Asian countries. The fact that an inferior power defeated a superior caused the paradigm to change. After the
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The Japanese took advantage of the power they acquired from victory. For instance, once the war ended, China perceived Japan to be the epitome of modernization; however, Japan wanted to rule China and proposed that idea to the president. Additionally, Japan successfully annexed Korea. Many historians argue that this was the most probable reason that Korea is now divided into two regions. Their success in invading Korea was, in a sense, a motivation for them to invade Manchuria as well, which they
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