How Did The Puritans Affect Society

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The Puritans are a Christian religious group that originated in England but ended up in America. The Puritan religious is not commonly practiced now and might even be extinct. Thought they are either sparse or gone the Puritans have effects how we today worship. The Puritans had great effect on the way America was set up, but actually originated in England. The religion started in the early 1600s and only took 30 years to be brought to the America. The starters of the Puritan faith where once apart of Church of England but felt that church was too influenced by the Catholic religion and wanted to purify the Church of England thus being called the Puritans. Like any religious group would do they attempted to change the ways of the Church of England but were unsuccessful. The actions they took lead to a civil war in England. The Puritan leaders eventually gave up and decided to try for the colonies in America. By March of 1630 they had funds ready to start their journey to the Massachusetts Bay Area. The leader, John Winthrop, led nearly 9,000 Puritans to the colony between 1630 and 1643. Making them the most rapid growing religion of their time. The …show more content…

People like Anne Hutchinson and Rodger Williams who questioned John Winthrop’s thoughts of religion started to stir up controversy in the Puritan church. By the early 1700's members were overwhelmed by the uncertainty of being a part of the select few to enter heaven and young members started to distant themselves for more lively worship services. The 1720's there were little to no Puritans churches. Opinions vary on the cause of the die out. In 1679 there was meeting of all Puritan preachers to discuss not only the future of the church but also why the church was dying out. Ideas like swearing, sex, alcohol, lying, and women showing their arms were to be the cause. Even though the Puritans did diminished the Massachusetts Bay Colony they started did

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