How Did The Renaissance Art And Architecture Change Europe

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The Renaissance was a time of “rebirth” after the Plague of the 1300s and the Hundred Years’ War. It refers to the rebirth of classical art and learning that took place during this time period. The rebirth of the want to learn began when the printing press was invented. It increased the number of books, encouraging people to learn to read. Not only did the printing press change Europe another factor was the Renaissance art. The way paintings were drawn to writing to architecture changed Europe. The changes of art happened because of they were thinking for themselves. That was the main goal of Humanism. Humanism was another factoring leading to the change of Europe.
Many events helped factor the change of Europe. One of them being Humanism.
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One of them being the different ways of creating art. It spread the idea that paintings should be more realistic than those of the past. It moved away from two-dimensional style to three-dimensional paintings. A very famous artist that used this method was Leonardo DA Vinci. He painted the very famous painting of Mona Lisa. Another famous painter was Michelangelo. With the help of Raphael Titian and Sandro Botticelli, he painted the series of scenes from the Bible on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Not only did the way of painting change, so did Architecture. Filippo Brunelleschi was best known for changing the style of building. He was best known for designing and building the large domes for churches. In addition to painting and architecture being changed, writing changed as well. Dante Alighieri, an Italian author, focused on writing the real life of individuals. Another writer, Niccolo Machiavelli, wrote a book in 1513, The Prince, about the realistic look at the world of politics. Before that, in the late 1400s, a war broke out in Italy, Many artists fled to the safety in Northern Europe. Eventually, they shared their styles and techniques with the Northern

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