Renaissance Influence On American Culture Essay

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From the very beginning the world has evolved from one thing to another. During the beginning of the 1400s to the 1800s, there are many things that have contributed to the developments that have made the world that is known today. From the changing of artistic views to the different opinions on what religion is the best, it has all had an impact on how our world has been modernized. Since the 1400s the world has been modernizing relentlessly because of the late Renaissance, the discovery of news lands, and religious disagreements The Renaissance was apart of the modernizing of the world by contributing new arts and consolidating power in Europe. The Renaissance is known as the “rebirth” of different cultural aspects such as new thoughts and expressions in Europe. The Renaissance last from 1350 to 1600, although the…show more content…
The Portuguese found the west African coast which helped produce better tide calendars and books or maps for sailing directions. As people wanted to sail to find new lands, they developed a new boat early in the 1400s, it was a 65-foot ship, it could easily be maneuvered (pg. 443). Christopher Columbus was inspired by the Portuguese and is known for opening an entirely different area of land. As other countries in Europe began to explore new lands, slavery began to become more popular. The selling of slaves brought money to the traders or families who might need money (pg. 444). This new beginning for slaves lead them into America where for the next generations they would work in place of the indigenous Indians (pg. 445). While people like Hernan Cortes was discovering news lands, they had the main goal of getting goods such as gold and silver. They then sold these goods back to their home country which started a whole new way of trading across the world (pg. 446). Overall the discovering of new worlds helped modernize the world we know
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