How Did The Renaissance Change People's World View

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The age of the Renaissance changed people’s world view. Originally back before the Renaissance, people were basically barbaric; people were not civilized and there was a constant amount of war and corruption within Europe. The Renaissance made people more civilized with mainly science, art, and religion; examples including the evolution of art, the anatomy of the human body, and our aspects on religion changed. All these had changed people’s world view when this came into play.

First of all, art. Art was a very obvious change to the Renaissance. In Document A u can easily tell that these two paintings are very much two different types of styles. The one painting by Duccio di Buoninsegna had a more of a religious tone that seemed unworldly; this painting also didn't have that that much detail nor any emotion within the characters. Opposed to Leonardo da Vinci who in which painted the Mona Lisa; in which very much detailed and seemed three dimensional, but now there was no religious value to it. Now, it was just art. This shows that over the years people have become more civilized with their own culture, they don’t need to rely on
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In document B there are two different plays they say two very different things from the two different time periods; Everyman and Hamlet. Within the play everyman the person who is talking sounds like almost all man is evil and talking in a more gothic tone. So within Hamlet the person who is talking about the how this world is beautiful and the perfect model of all creation. It seems that since the readings from the middle ages are more gothic like it seems that there was more death and conflict back then and all that people were hoping for was judgement day so they can be split from the good and the bad. But now since that now people are more peaceful and there is less conflict they are talking about how the world is a beautiful place to be
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