How Did The Revolutionary War Influence The Outcome Of The American Revolution

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The American Revolution was one of the most important wars that was fought in the history of the United States. The Patriots and the British had two different views on how things should be run in America. Many people have different opinions on why, where and how the war was started. There were a few key battles that helped to influence the outcome of the war. The outcome of the American Revolutionary War influenced the United States way of Freedom and the way the American people live today. After the French and Indian War King George III figured there was way too much money spent for the upkeep and supplies of his army. Realizing this King George III wanted to raise the taxes to help replenish the money that was lost during time and this is why the reason for the American Revolutionary War ultimately came down to money. Although the patriots wanted to gain freedom and independence, the…show more content…
really wanted to gain independence from Great Britain. There were some people in the U.S. called loyalist that wanted to live under the tyranny of Great Britain and had no problems with the raising of taxes to support their country. The Patriots on the other hand were very much against all that the British stood for. The battle of Lexington and Concord, the battle of Trenton, and the battle of Yorktown were three key battles won by the U.S. that pushed the outcome of the war in the favor of the United States. The battle of Yorktown was the most significant it was the last major battle on land and with the surrender of Lord Charles Cornwallis it was very pivotal in the defeat of the British. In two of the three key battles mentioned George Washington was the commander and led the U.S. to victory, after the war George Washington resigned his commission. The peace treaty signed in Paris ended the conflict of the war and the British left the U.S. in defeat taking all that supported Great
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