How Did The Revolutionary War Lead To The American Revolution

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George Washington said, “Government is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” Government may not always do what you want it to and back in the 1700s things were a little different. Britain was the colonies government and quite a lot of the colonist didn 't agree with the choices Britain made. Often times the colonist tried to fight against Britain by boycotting and protesting. Most of the time it worked and Britain started to get worried. Britain was providing trade and a form of government for the colonist. Prior to the Revolutionary War colonist were frustrated with British control which lead to the patriots rebel in their fight for freedom. First off, Parliament passed the stamp act in 1765, it stated that all legal and commercial documents had to have the official stamp. The British passed this act because they needed money and since they were the colonies government they had this right. Soon the colonists realized that this was a direct taxation and were beginning to get angry. The colonist had to pay for the official stamp with the silver…show more content…
For instance when colonist boycotted and protested then Parliament repealed the stamp act. The British had placed almost a direct tax on the colonies and so they fired back. Then their was the Boston tea party, colonist were protesting and ended up throwing 342 barrels of tea into Boston harbor. That made Britain very angry but unfortunately they did not repeal the act, because parliament wanted to keep the act to remind the colonies that they still had a right to tax them. There was also the Townshend acts which lead up to the Boston massacre. Britain felt that they should have the Townshend acts because they still needed money and they wanted to show the colonist that they were still in charge. The patriots definitely fought hard for their freedom and in the end they got their
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