How Did The Roaring Twenties Affect The Economy Of The 1920s

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The 1920s was a wonderful time for the beginning of a better life for all United States citizens. There was prosperity after the war ended. It created many opportunities for new business and technology to make daily living change forever. The culture of the 1920s changed dramatically with different industries taking off at full speed. This period was called the roaring twenties because the night life, showgirls, and glam won over everyone 's hearts. The roaring twenties was a decade full of celebration and investments. All good things must come to an end, and in 1929 that 's exactly what occurred. Before the devastation sunk in, new opportunities were on the rise. New opportunities occurred after the U.S helped great Britain…show more content…
Americans were giddy and carefree after the war ended (Gitlin). Industries grew and more jobs were available. More families had a bigger income so they could afford things they couldn 't in the past. This newfound wealth among the U.S was a change for many people across the country. Research and time were put into finding new inventions and ways to make life better. The activities of daily living became more advanced and were made easier by these new technologies and inventions. These technologies include; refrigerators, washing machines, and automobiles (Black Tuesday). Problems started occurring when more people started buying these products. They would take out loans , use bonds, or make payments to pay off the full price of the product. Many others followed in the trend and it grew to be a bigger problem when people realized they couldn 't pay off the full price. Technologies in machinery wasn 't the only thing different. More food processing companies were established and the food people ate changed. Things like Kool-Aid, Reese 's cups, wonder bread, popsicles, and cereals were first introduced in the 1920s (The 1920s). Despite the additions that came with the new production many other things were going in during this time that were
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