How Did The Salem Witch Trials Cause Hysteria

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No one will ever know what caused the Salem Witch Trials, but there is a truth behind the hysteria.It’s believed that the Salem Witch Trials were caused by young girls eating a fungus in rye, but there was also a young slave from the caribbean named Tituba who put these devilish thoughts in these young girls heads. The Salem Witch Trials were caused by a misfit, slave woman. What started this witch hysteria is proof that the slave, Tituba, was the cause of all of this unnecessary drama. According to a website, “The ordeal originated in the home of Salem's REVEREND SAMUEL PARRIS. Parris had a slave from the Caribbean named TITUBA. Several of the town's teenage girls began to gather in the kitchen with Tituba early in 1692. As winter turned to spring the townspeople were aghast at the behaviors exhibited by Tituba's young …show more content…

According to a website, “The Salem Witch Trials was a classic example of scapegoating. Fear combined with a “trigger,” a traumatic or stressful event, is what often leads to scapegoating. Fear of the Devil, and witches who did his bidding, was very real in Salem at the time.This proves that Tituba put thoughts in these girls heads which caused them to act bewitched.According to a website, “June 29-30, 1692: Rebecca Nurse, Susannah Martin, Sarah Wildes, Sarah Good, and Elizabeth Howe are tried, pronounced guilty and sentenced to hang.July 19, 1692: Rebecca Nurse, Susannah Martin, Elizabeth Howe, Sarah Good and Sarah Wildes are hanged at Gallows Hill.They were prononced guilty, but the warrent out for sarah good’s arrest was put out in march of 1692 so, it took three months to prononce her a witch but, if the law enforcement apparently knew that she was involved with witchcraft then that doesnt add up if it really took 3 months to say that she was guilty of the crime

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