How Did The Salem Witch Trials Dbq

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In 1692, the most famous trials of all time was held in Salem Virginia, they were the Salem Witchcraft Trials.

According to Document A, it states that people think that since they haven’t seen a witch before, they don’t exist. But, “We never met with any robbers on the road, therefore there never was any padding there.” This means that people think that they have to see the thing, in this case is witches, to believe that they are real.

Another piece of evidence was the Testimony of Abigail Hobbs. She was mostly saying that she was innocent, but she was seeing things that terrified her. “I have seen dogs and many creatures/ I mean the Devil.” the things that she usually sees are dogs and creatures for the underworld. The dogs were actually hell hounds and the creature are just creatures. For example, she might have seen a minotaur, furies, manticores etc.
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In 1640 the acres from families were pretty good especially in 1653 ish. Then from there on, the acres were decreasing and the Salem witchcraft trials started in 1692. I believe that the whole reason why the acres were lowering was because people were starting to accuse people of being witches. Then the trials began in 1692.

Lastly, the evidence that was shown in a map of Salem Village and Salem Town. I noticed that in Salem Village, there are a lot of accusers, not a lot of defenders and only two were accused of being a witch. While in Salem Town, there are a ton of defenders, little accusers but a lot of accused of being witches. It’s really weird because one side are accusers but the other side are defenders.

The witch trials are very famous until today, many people were killed in that time. Innocent or not, they were still killed, and we all know that’s unfair. This is why you should never do things that you might regret
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