How Did The Second Industrial Revolution Affect The Social And Economic Development Of The United States

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North: Political- Peoples ' political opinions commonly clashed because of overall change in both social and industrial growth. Labor unions began in the Northeast. For example, people working with steel and people in the mine caves were the first to strike as a way of bartering with business owners. Social- Industrial growth highlighted the difference between being poor and being rich. Rich businessmen wanted to become more wealthy by increasing profits. Employees and workers wanted improved working conditions and salaries. Economic or Type of Economy- The Northeastern area stayed the most industrial region in the United States during the time period of the second industrial revolution. To put it into perspective between Pennsylvania, Massachusetts,…show more content…
Transportation- A big portion of railroads and industrial supplies were destroyed over the course of the war. The south had begun rebuilding transportation by the nineteenth century. West: Political- Because of the trouble between white settlers and immigrants at that time there were numerous outbreaks of violence and laws aimed towards discrimination. Social- Chinese immigrants who migrated to the west would work for wages considerably less than normal and them doing so caused tension between white settlers. Economic or type of economy- The west relied more on agriculture than any other place because it was the most efficient. The area was not very equipped to be based off of industrial improvement, so they ran off of natural resources for quite awhile. Population Change- The ever-growing railroads drew in many immigrants from china looking for jobs. Industrial expansion was not supported much in the flimsy western population. Transportation- In the year 1869 the transcontinental railroad was completed and the United States ' coast was at last linked together. The west sent agricultural resources through the railroad system to the east. Midwest: Political- Labor unions and social reform movements became more common in the bigger cities and towns. Farmers were also involved in politics at the
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