How Did The Silk Road Affect Society

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AP World Exam
Brandon Ellestad
Period 3

The Silk road was a ancient network of trading, that provided routes for trade and cultural exchanges to people in differents areas. During the time period of 200 CE and 1500 CE, the silk road underwent some transformations while still staying true to its original purpose. During that time period, the Silk road would have an influence on the change of major religions. With these changes, the need for luxury goods by the upper class stayed consistent within the society along the Silk road.

The major religions of Christianity and Buddhism were dramatically changed with the development of the Silk Road during the time period of 200 CE and 1500 CE. Both of these religions became more acquisitive, as they started to adapt some ideas that traveled along the Silk Road. Christianity started to adapt and incorporate some of those ideas. Christians became to assimilate the thoughts of the Romans and the philosophy the Greeks and use those concepts into their own religion as them traveled
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This created a difference in the social ladder. People were usually distinguished in a particular social class based on the kind of items they possessed. Some goods were classified as luxury and high valued due to the region where the goods are from, making it rare and indigenous to an area where they aren't usually found. In other words, luxury goods are geared to the elite class unlike the common goods. Luxury and the commons good both had the same effect on society. However, the elite class were the ones who usually possessed the high valued goods, and the lower class were the ones who tried to produce these goods. This created a difference is social ladder; from the higher working class (elite) and lower working class
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