How Did The Slave Trade Affect The Birth Of Capitalism

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Topic: The impact of the Atlantic Trade System on the birth of capitalism. Thesis Statement: The Atlantic Slave Trade played a significant role in the birth and development of capitalism in a positive way in Western World. Slaves sold as a property for profit and these profits contributed to the growth of modern finance and also slave labor in the plantation for Atlantic trade contributed to the development of capitalism in a way that it enabled more production and stimulated the economy of time. 1ST MAIN IDEA: Growth of the slave plantation gave rise to increase in labor and contributed to growing more fertile and abundant product. So, profits from plantations provided economic development and industrialization such as the increasing of the general prosperity. Evidence: 1-Within the increasing number of the slave trade in the sugar plantation processed refine sugar placed in an important position in the world market. Thus, the significance of sugar refines industry increased. Each day more African slaves were used for supplying the chocolate demand of Europe. (1) 2-The slaves developed an informal economy, relied on trade with African methods. As a primary source, there are description and perception of the slave trade and plantation from the first person point of view from Charles Leslie in about 1740 below as a primary source.(2) 3-By the end of the 17th-century cotton production became a mass-production in Britain and it quickly became most important capitalist

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