How Did The South Contribute To The Failure Of Reconstruction

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Although, the North is often portrayed as the “good guys” when it comes to the fall of Reconstruction but in actuality they were equally as guilty as the south was. According to Document C In the 1870s, the people of the north were beginning to grow indifferent to the events happening in the south because their focus shifted to the scandals going on around them, such as the Panic of 1873.The government at this time in the North was ran by “carpetbaggers” or a political candidate who sought election in an area they had no local connections to. The North began to grow tired of this type of government and they also began to become tired of fighting against discrimination in the south because of this. Increased anger about government corruption lead to less interest in Reconstruction. Racism still existed in the North and contributed to the fall as well, for example many people believed that people of color were unfit to be government officials.…show more content…
According to document D many people argued that blacks were unfit to be government officials because they needed time to forget the things done to them when they were slaves and to learn “…true methods of gaining honorable subsistence…” The people of the North grew tired of dealing with problems that did not directly involve them, and reverted back to old racist ways which ultimately contributed to the fall of

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