How Did The Space Race Impact The Politics Of America?

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This essay will talk about the Space Program and every thing that it caused. The Space Race was a very stressful time for the American population because this was all new to them. Read the rest of this essay to learn about what they expirenced or went through. The Space Race impacted the politics in the U.S.A in such a way they spent so much money on in. NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) spent a total of 23,000,000,000(23 BILLION) dollars on it. NASA is also run by the government. Its funds come from the taxes the citizens of America pay. That means they DO NOT have as much money as other companies have. Back to the Space Race… It effected the politics of America by giving the idea of Manifest Destiny. Manifest Destiny means the U.S.A think they’re the best country and they should by the 1st to the moon. The government listened very closely to Kennedy’s speech on May 25, 1961. Kennedy basically says he believes that the U.S.A could get to the moon by the end of the decade. That gives NASA a little under 9 years to build a space craft from the ground up and send it to the moon. It seemed imposible. The government was frantically giving NASA money for the funds. That left very little money…show more content…
It gave us a vision towards the future. What the world had in store for us. It effects us by giving us satillites in the sky, because we would not be able to warn people when there is a hurrican, tornado, or a severe thunder storm is approaching. The Space Race also inspired little kids about what they wanted to be when they grow up. Nobody would talk about movies or what they saw in the sky, they would talk about how cool the space ship launch was no matter where you listening. You could be watching it on the TVs that is brand new if you have one, you could have actually gone to a launch, or listend to it on the radio. Like I said, NO MATTER what little kids would talk about
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