How Did The Spanish Able To Conquer The Inca Empire

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Exposé of: The conquest of the Inca Empire - Why were the Spanish able to conquer the Incas and not the Incas the Spanish?

In 1532, the New and the Old world collided in Cajamarca in a way that could not have been more drastic. The Inca’s absolute monarch Atahualpa in the midst of his army of 80.000 soldiers encountered F. Pizarro - a Spanish conquistador who set out with a squad of 168 conquistadors to conquer the Inca Empire and extract history biggest ransom. The collision at Cajamarca ended in favor of the conquistadors and marked the sudden end if the Inca Empire. When looking at that collision, one question inevitably comes to mind: Why were the conquistadors able to conquer the Inca Empire, yet why instead were not the Incas the ones
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