How Did The Third Estate Contribute To Democracy

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Hi I 'm Peter, I 'm 15 and work in the fields. My mother keeps talking about this meeting she went to called the Meeting of the Estates General. Apparently the king was talking about financial crisis which means he was running out of money. To make changes he used vote by order which means each estate had one vote. The third estate is my estate and we never got our way my mother says because we have no money. She also said her and everyone else in our Estate stormed out of that meeting. This lead to democracy. Once my mother and the of the third estate left they went to the Tennis Court Oath. They all pledged to stay until they came up with a new constitution. This constitution became known as the constitution of 1791. The people of the Third Estate became known as the National…show more content…
Few nobles and clergymen followed to help the cause. This helped lead to democracy because they wrote down changes. Word got out that the king was after the National Assembly. My mother and the rest of them went to the Bastille to get gunpowder. When they got there all they found were prisoners. This day was the start of the revolution. This day was July 14, 1789. This didn 't lead to the rise of democracy because the king wasn 't there and neither was gunpowder. We 've recently gotten an abundance of bread in my house. I asked my mom why that was and she told me her and other mothers stormed and marched to the king 's palace to protest. 7,000 women joined in on this. They wanted the bread prices to go down. After they attacked, the king promised them bread. This lead to democracy because the women won their way and showed the king what was coming for him. My mother went to this thing called the Reign of Terror. This guy named Robespierre had the idea to wipe out the monarchy. He would do this by using a
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