How Did The Three Supreme Court Cases Influence The Civil Rights Movement

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U.S Congress did not pass a Civil Rights Act until 1957 even though slavery had been throughly abolished way past 1957. In most of these cases there is good judgement in the des ions made by the Supreme Court. However in one of the court cases there is a complete ignorance in people 's rights in one of the cases. Three Supreme Court case decisions influenced the civil rights movement by affecting the history of segregation: Plessy vs Ferguson, Brown vs Board of Education, and Loving vs Virginia. Plessy vs Ferguson was a controversial case which came up with the phrase "separate but equal." The case started when Louisiana tried to establish a law that would segregate blacks and white on trains like many states had done. However the black community in New Orleans did not like it however the state legislature approved the law even though there were blacks in the legislature. In 1892 a man named Homer Plessy sat in the white compartment of a train and was kicked off the train by the conductor. Later, lawyer named Albion Tourgee argued that the law was unconstitutional and took it to Supreme Court where the Supreme Court rejected it and ruled in the favor of the law. This was the Plessy vs Ferguson case. (“Our Documents - Plessy v. Ferguson (1896).”) Brown vs Board of…show more content…
In this case the Supreme Court debated whether inter-racial marriage should be allowed. This court case came up after an inter-racial couple tried to get married legally but was rejected by the state of Virginia. Therefore, couple did not think this was fair so they took the case up to the Supreme Court where the Court declared that not allowing interracial couples to marry was violating the Equal Protection Clause. Thanks to this case we have President Obama and many other famous celebrities and sports stars such as Seth
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