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The titanic was one of the most luxury ships of those times also it was one of the three luxury ships that White Star line had. The titanic was ordered on 17th September in 1908 and was ready on 2nd April 192 which was built in Belfast in Ireland. The titanic was the largest ship which uses steam engine during that time it was about 900 feet long and 25 stories high and weighed approximately 46,000 tons. This ship had some technology such as the sixteen major watertight compartments in its lower section this compartments were able to get sealed if any accident or water leaks had happened due to this facts the Titanic was believed that it could not sink.
The Titanic started its first trip on April 10, 1912 from Southampton in England. The titanic made two stops at Queenstown in Ireland and Cherbourg in France before going to New York. The ship had 3 classes of people the first class had 322
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This type of failure in structural materials happens when brittle fracture takes place without showing any plastic deformation. The high speed the ship was moving at, the low ambient temperature and water was below freezing temperature and the high sulfur content in the material did not help the material to withstand brittle fracture. Although the material failures were one major issue in this disaster the poor design of the watertight compartments in the Titanic’s lower section was another factor for such a disaster to occur. The lower section of the ship was divided into sixteen watertight compartments this were able to seal water only if a small hole in the hull has occurred and water is entering. With the big impact the ship which took with the iceberg six of these compartments where damaged. Due to the flooding of the bow compartments and the flooding of the entre ship the titanic was gradually being pulled below the
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