How Did The United States Fall Like Rome Essay

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Fall like Rome Rome fell hard after a while. There are many reason that america will fall like Rome. nare also reason that it will not fall like Rome. We will think are army is the best. Both the U.S. and Rome elected their president and senate. We both also took in many immigrants. That is why America will fall like Rome. America much like Rome, thinks they have the best army and can defeat anyone. The U.S. is in 5 different wars right now. Rome like to expand their land. Rome conquered many of the countries around them. They conquered most of Europe and all around the mediterranean. The United states it much like that. They don’t necessarily want to expand, but they want to help everyone out. We think that we have the best army and can help everyone out. In World War II, we went over to help are allies fight because we thought we could help them win. We ended up helping and winning World War II. We also would go to other countries and take people to make them our slaves. Rome did this with every war they won. They would bring back “spoils” which meant money and special items and slaves.…show more content…
The U.S. elects their president, vice president, and the senate. Rome was a republic, but the U.S. is a democracy. We both vote for who we want though. There is one difference in the government though. In Rome, they had patricians and plebeians. Patricians were landowners and plebeians were citizens but not landowners. Patricians would vote for senate, who had law making powers. Plebeians elected the assembly, who had advisory power. In the U.S. everyone over 18 is able to vote, whether you are a landowner or not. The U.S. much like Rome had a census. They had to count the populations for taxes. The U.S. does the same thing these

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