How Did The United States Respond To Roosevelt's Attack On Pearl Harbor?

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The attack on Pearl Harbor was a surprise to the Americans. However, Japan’s plan was to destroy the Pacific Fleet for Japan to seize the resource areas needed for its southern expansion, but if they were unsuccessful, they would go to war. After the attack, President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared war on Japan. Pearl Harbor was one of the most horrifying attack that took place on December 7, 1941 at the American Naval Base near Honolulu, Hawaii. War between Japan and the United States did not simply begin on the date of the Pearl Harbor attack. In fact, there were tensions between the nations since 1920. “The United States was mad with Japan’s tremendous aggressive approach against China.” Due to this the Japanese concluded only one way to fix this effective plan for its economic and demographic problems. Their…show more content…
First, they wanted to make the United States agree to its southern expansion diplomatically and demoralize the American people, but if they were unsuccessful, they would go to war. Second, they assumed to combine its area and develop their naval durability since shipbuilding was permitted by the 1940 Vinson- Walsh would erase any opportunity of achievement. Third, they wanted to accomplish what was to destroy America 's capacity to carry out its effort in the pacific, battleships were called at the time to be the major objective. Finally, the aggression will reduce American confidence like the U.S government would feel its request opposite of Japanese attention, and would solicit peace with Japan.( This explains that the Japanese wanted Their plans to be successful but if they weren 't that 's where trouble was heading there way because they had everything so perfectly planned and for it to be ruined they were not going to let that happen so they did everything to make it possible but in the end it just resulted in a peace
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