How Did The Us Constitution Reflected The Magna Carta

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By today 's standards the governments of the colonies were semi-democratic. Each colony had its own legislature of land owning males and a governor that was sent from britain. Each colony was able to create and enforce it’s own laws. However, the british government could change any rules if it did was strongly opposed to any rules that the colonies had. Despite the fact that the Colonies could make their own rules the did not control their financial system. This is because the colonies had a mercantilist system; they existed for the british government to help grow their mother country 's wealth. In summary the American colonies had enough freedom to create their own laws but had no control over taxes and trade legislation. In 1776 Peace could not be reached between the colonies and Great britain for a few reasons. One is that in 1760…show more content…
Chapter 2 Unit 3-4(questions 1 and 5) Question 1.The U.S. constitution reflected the Magna Carta and the English bill of rights in many ways. The Magna Carta took away power from parts of the government and dispersed it to many branches just like the constitution divides the power between three branches of government. The English bill of rights added to the magna carta. It bolstered the separation of power as well as adding on to free speech laws. It is similar to the constitution because it allows for what are considered basic rights like that government cannot intervene in a court case. Question 5. The bill of rights affects the power of the government in multiple ways. It bans the government from imposing any religion on everyone in America. It also restricts the government 's use of troops and makes it illegal to station troops in people 's houses without their permission. It also allows militias because the founding fathers believed that the government needed to be kept in check by the people. The rest of the amendments keep the government from detaining Citizens for no reason and keeps them from convicting them under false
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