How Did The Use Of Child Labor Affect Individuals, The Community And The World

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Iris Zieler Child labor How did the use of child labor affect individuals, the community, and/or the world? Key words: Child labor - When children have to work in factories hurt - When you are physically damaged died - When you have no more life, or you are too hurt to function dangerous - When something bad can happen factories - Where lots of machines are and where you make things machines - They are used to make items or make the process of making items faster Child labor was not a fun time for the families. Children were in danger all the time and many families lost their children. Many people were against it, but could do anything because they needed the money and the government was able to make it better, but not stop it, until a long time after. Many factories were built, the owners needed workers, so as the amount of items made increased, and many different ways of transportation were made, it was easy for the workers to export and import items from different places. Even though it was great having a new way of making lots of money, the factory owners were starting to need more workers in order for them to have enough of their products made. The parents already had jobs, but the owners still needed more people to work, so they forced children into working in these factories. At first they used the kids that were orphans or about to become orphans because they didn’t have any parents or family that would try to stop them from going there. Then they started

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