Child Labor Research Paper

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Iris Zieler

Child labor

How did the use of child labor affect individuals, the community, and/or the world?

Key words:
Child labor - When children have to work in factories hurt - When you are physically damaged died - When you have no more life, or you are too hurt to function dangerous - When something bad can happen factories - Where lots of machines are and where you make things machines - They are used to make items or make the process of making items faster

Child labor was not a fun time for the families. Children were in danger all the time and many families lost their children. Many people were against it, but could do anything because they needed the money and the government was able to make it better, but not stop it, until a long time after.
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That was still a lot and later on they changed it to a maximum of 10 hours and that the children had to go to school. Then, they made the law that children under 9 were not allowed to work and that the ones who did work were only allowed to work from 8-12 hours a day. They also had to go to school at least two hours a day to get education. Child labor was decreased a lot and a lot more children got education and stayed healthy. The children were affected by child labor because they couldn’t go to school and were in danger the whole time, living with the fear of getting hurt or dying any moment. Child labor also affected the community because all the children had to work, which means that the teachers were not paid and the children were not educated. That made it a poor community because only the factory owners were very rich. The world was also affected by this because since the children weren’t educated and nobody was doing anything about child labor, their children and the children of their children… didn’t get educated either. All the generations lived with working and not going to school. This made the whole world have less knowledge and therefore they all had to live with child…show more content…
They were forced to work in the most dangerous parts of the factories, but couldn’t deny working there. Not only they were scared, but their families were scared for them because they didn’t want to lose their children.

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